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You Were Made for More

Sammie Gallo

Our hearts yearn for teenagers to know that they are valued, loved, and created for a purpose. Currently, our culture is feeding teenagers so many lies – telling them that they are defined by what others say about them, how they perform, and what they have to offer to others. The Truth speaks of a completely different narrative, though. Our identities are found in one thing, and that one thing, changes everything: Jesus.That’s a POWERFUL, transformative statement. When it gets from our heads to our hearts it shifts how we live, what we believe, and how we do relationships with others. Our mission is to consistently speak about the abundant life that is freely offered to us because we have seen + believe that when teenagers know what they are worth AND whose they are, they will be more inclined to live for Jesus – following His commandments and walking in His ways. This podcast hosts conversations on tough, relational topics, always pointing back to the hope that God offers us when we understand who we were created to be. Music Credit: Matt Stewart from the band Soldiers and Sons (Waynesburg, PA)Check them out on Facebook:

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